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This resource site is strictly provided for postgraduate students of Mercubuana University currently taking the E-Marketing subject.

Why is this subject important? E-marketing is generally defined as "Achieving marketing objectives through use of electronic communications technology." And today, E-marketing plays a major role in the visibility of a business and found effective at reaching their potential target market segments and delivering their company's solutions.

The purpose of this subject is to familiarize students with the basic to advanced level of E-Marketing, E-business and E-Commerce issues. Major topics include The Internet and Web Technology, New/Digital Economy,
E-Marketing Technologies, E-Marketing Strategies, Electronic Payment Systems, Cyberlaw, Online Reputation Management, Web Analytics and Mobile Marketing.

This course examines how theories and principles in the new Internet Economy can be applied to the design, management and use of E-Marketing in order to open a wider look of opportunities or to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of current marketing activities & organizations.

To pass the subject, students must satisfactorily present their E-Marketing business plans as well as their live web and mobile sites, provided they have attended and actively participated in the coursework not less than 75% of class time.

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